What we seek to do

O pity, pity the Church of England. See how too, too many of her sons are fallen from her Articles, and preach themselves, not Christ Jesus the Lord.
George Whitefield, 1739 [Works, I, 93]

We are seeking to set forth the great doctrines of Scripture, recovered at the Reformation; in particular we seek to recall the Church of England to the scriptural faith set down in the 39 Articles; furthermore, we seek to strengthen fellowship and understanding among all, of whatever denomination, who hold to the sole final authority of Scripture and who can subscribe ex animo to one of the great Reformation confessions.

Some particular contemporary emphases:

As there can be no unity of purpose without a unity of doctrine, there must be a test of ministerial orthodoxy, in the Church of England by ex animo assent to the Articles.

There must be separation from unfaithful teachers - there can be no encouragement of 'mutual flourishing'.

There is strength only in faithfulness, not in numbers: 'it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful'.

The Bible's teaching in the realm of sexual morality is clear: there are two sexes - 'male and female created he them'; marriage is, and is only, a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman.

Scripture teaches that men only may be ministers to the whole church; it does not allow for the ordination of women.


We seek to effect our aims through our annual conference, through the literature we publish, and through occasional meetings.