Harrison Trust - Publications List

Obtainable from: The Harrison Trust, 15 Grange Court, Cambridge, CB3 9BD
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R.T. BeckwithThe Calvinist Doctrine of the Trinity£1.00
Thomas CranmerOn the Lord’s Supper£5.50
B.G. FelceThe Greatest Question: An Answer to “Salvation and the Church”£0.70
Joseph HallNo Peace with Rome£1.50
R.J.K. LawWomen are not for Ordination£1.25
J.I. PackerThe Theological Challenge to Evangelicalism Today£1.00
D.N. SamuelAfter the Fire: the Reconstruction of Evangelicalism£0.40
D.N. SamuelAgreeing to Differ [A critique of ARCIC I’s three Agreed Statements]£0.40
D.N. Samuel“Christ Alone Exalted” – Themes in the preaching of Tobias Crisp£1.50
D.N. SamuelThe End of the Ecumenical Movement£1.00
D.N. SamuelEuropean Union and Roman Catholic Influence in Britain£1.00
D.N. SamuelThe Holy Spirit and the Gospel Today£0.70
D.N. SamuelJohn Bent, the Devizes Martyr: Our Debt to the Reformation£1.25
D.N. SamuelJoseph Alleine£1.25
D.N. SamuelIs there any Word from the Lord? Consequences of the neglect of our spiritual heritage£1.25
D.N. SamuelNational Apostasy: 150 Years of the Oxford Movement£0.70
D.N. SamuelThe New Evangelicalism in the Church of EnglandOut of Stock
D.N. SamuelThe Place of Private Judgement£1.50
D.N. SamuelProspects for the Monarchy£1.00
D.N. SamuelWithout Excuse – A Vindication of the Argument from Design£15.00
D.A. ScalesA Crowning Mercy [The importance of the Coronation Oath]£1.20
D.A. Scales“What mean ye by this service?” [A critique of Series 2 Communion]£0.25
D.A. Scales“Effectual Signs of Grace”: Aspects of the doctrine of the Lord’s Supper£1.25
D.A. ScalesThe Restoration of Preaching at the Reformation£1.25
D.A. Scales‘A Disruption Within’ – The need for Doctrinal Renewal£1.25
D.A. ScalesThe Sovereignty of God in Salvation – The teaching of Article XVII£1.25
W.H. Griffith ThomasThe Principles of Theology£6.95
F. TurretinWhether it can be proven the Pope of Rome is the Antichrist £15.00
Watts, Roberts, & SamuelThe Covenant of Grace£2.50
Christopher WordsworthIs the Church of Rome the Babylon of the Apocalypse?Out of Stock
Christopher WordsworthIs the papacy predicted by St. Paul?£2.00

The Harrison Trust Prayer Book Series

R.T. BeckwithThe Story of the Prayer Book [No. 1]£0.75
D.N. SamuelThe Doctrine of the Prayer Book [No. 2]£1.00
D.A. ScalesThe Use of the Prayer Book [No. 3]£1.00
D.N. SamuelThe Revision of the Prayer Book [No. 4]£1.00
H.I. BaileyMorning and Evening Prayer and the Bible [No. 5]£1.25
H.I. BaileyThe Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion and the Bible [No. 6]£2.00

The Harrison Trust publishes literature which promotes the religious principles of the Reformation, as set down in the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion