An Overview of Oversight

2024 Conference

Wycliffe Hall, Oxford
3rd. - 5th. September, 2024

The Biblical doctrine of oversight

The Rev. Dr. Peter Sanlon, M.A., M.PHIL, PH.D.
(Minister, Tunbridge Wells Presbyterian Church)

The development of episcopacy in the early church

The Rev. Ben M. Clarke, M.THEOL., M.A.
(Rector, Christ Central Anglican Church, Corvallis, Oregon)

The rise of the papacy - 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'

The Rt. Rev. E.J. Malcolm
(Presiding Bishop, Church of England (Continuing) Minister, St. Mary's Episcopal Chapel, Reading)

The Reformers' teaching on oversight

Dr. Jake Griesel, B.A., M.TH., PH.D., F.R.HIST.S
(Lecturer, George Whitefield College, Cape Town)


The Rev. Nick Seward, B.ENG., M.A., M.ED.
(Head of Schools, International Christian School, Hong Kong)

The rise of Presbyterianism

The Rev. David R. Pfeiffer, M.A.
(Minister, Whaddon Road Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Cheltenham)

James Ussher on moderate episcopacy

The Rev. Dr. Harrison Perkins, B.SC. , M.DIV., PH.D. , F.R.HIST.S.
(Pastor, Oakland Hills Community Church, Farmington Hills, Michigan)

The crisis in leadership - the need for scriptural doctrine and discipline today

The Rev. George R. Curry, B.A., M.A.
(Vicar, Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne)